Bad breath can be a real problem, especially when you want to get close to someone special. It can be a real date killer, too, as well as causing other problems in day-to-day relationships with co-workers, friends, and others. Treating bad breath problems can be done once you know what may be behind it.

The Cause

Offensive breath has a couple of main causes, other than eating onions and garlic. Of course, if you want your breath to smell sweeter, you do want to limit eating these foods when you want to get close.

Other than foods, there are two other primary causes. The first one is tooth decay. When you have a tooth that is decaying, it will give off a foul odor. In order to stop the odor, the tooth will need to be treated.

The other primary cause is gum disease. Some of the bacteria in your mouth will produce a sulfide gas. When you do not take care of your teeth very well, there are more bacteria producing the gas – and it stinks. Treating bad breath usually means it is also necessary to eliminate the gum disease.

Gum Disease

Your mouth also contains some bad bacteria. Whenever you eat carbs or sugar, it will produce acid. This is the acid that causes cavities, and it also causes gum disease. As this bacteria and acid gets into the gums, your immune system responds. After a while, the gums form pockets and pull away from the teeth, which lets more bacteria in and the immune reaction becomes bigger. In the early stages of gum disease (gingivitis), you can usually eliminate gum disease by brushing twice daily and flossing.

Unless this condition (called periodontitis at this stage), is treated by a dentist, it will continue to expand. As it does, it will destroy your gums, the ligaments that support your teeth, and even the jawbone. When you have periodontitis, you will have bad breath, and you will not eliminate it until the periodontitis is successfully treated.

Sugar and Gum Disease

Eating sweets will only lead to producing more bacteria and acid. If you eat or drink sweets all day, it enables the bacteria to produce even more acid, which damages your teeth faster. The decay of your teeth and gums gets worse because of the acid that is in fruit juice, soda, and coffee. Many breath mints also contain sugar, so if you want sweeter breath, this is not the answer because it will promote more gas and acid, which equals more bad breath.

Get Breath Treatment

Unless you brush and floss to help keep the bacteria off your teeth every day, gum disease will progressively become worse. It will eventually make your teeth loose, and some may even fall out. Periodontitis is the main reason adults are losing their teeth today.

When you have chronic bad breath, Dr. Rafael Lakhchakov is often treating bad breath and gum disease, in his Richmond Hill office in Queens, NY. He can discover the cause and eliminate it for you. In order to get more information or to set up an appointment, just call (718) 262-0720.