Preventive dentistry is all about saving teeth and dollars. When you and your family members are able to catch dental problems as they are just getting started, this helps you to keep the cost of dental bills low. It also helps you to keep your teeth and smile looking great. Getting in on the Preventive Program is a move you need to make.

What Many People Do

Of course, most people would rather not make regular dental visits. The reality of it is that catching dental problems early just makes a lot of sense. If you wait and put it off, a simple cavity that could be fixed with just a filling, could turn into a much bigger problem requiring a root canal and a crown. Even worse, the tooth may need to be extracted, and you could have to replace it with a dental implant and a crown.

Providing Instruction

When you and your whole family are aware of what it takes to keep your teeth healthy, you already are on your way to enjoying better dental health. At NY Gentle Dental Care, we provide information to the whole family as part of the Preventive Program that can help you keep your teeth and mouth in good shape.

Of course, this includes brushing your teeth the right way – and doing it twice a day – or more. It also means flossing once a day.

Fluoride Treatments

One of the best ways to help ensure that your children’s teeth stay in good shape is to provide them with a fluoride treatment. Every day the bacteria in your mouth produce acid when it comes in contact with sugar and carbs. The acid depletes the enamel on your teeth of important minerals. Fluoride helps the remineralization process which keeps the teeth strong.

Fight Gum Disease

Many Americans have gum disease today, and it is the more serious form called periodontitis. This is why most Americans lose their teeth today. It is primarily caused by a lack of proper dental care. With regular dental checkups, you and the dentist can control and even eliminate gum disease before you lose any teeth.

Dental Checkups

The dentist is able to spot many problems before they become serious. One serious problem that is increasing today is oral cancer. This cancer spreads fast. It is usually the dentist that will first detect it.

Dental Insurance

Many people are not aware of the limitations of dental insurance. It also operates on a preventive program basis. It may offer free dental exams, but will only pay limited amounts toward actual needs. Some dental treatments are not covered at all, and those that are will likely have high copays. Prevention will help save you money.

Regular dental checkups and the Preventive Program are a valuable investment for the whole family. You can enable your whole family to benefit from better dental health and save money with Dr. Rafael Lakhchakov in his Richmond Hill office in Queens, NY. He also provides many dental services and cosmetic dentistry to give you a great smile. In order to get more information or to set up an appointment, just call his office at (718) 262-0720.