Finding a dentist that can meet nearly all of your family’s dental needs is important to help keep everyone’s teeth in good shape. When a dentist is able to provide a wide variety of dental services, it saves you time in trying to find the right one. Dr. Rafael Lakhchakov, in Richmond Hill, Queens, is the dentist you need.

Dr. Lakhchakov has been practicing dentistry since 2012 and specializes in dental implants and gum and bone surgery. Even if your jaw bone is too small now for implants, it can be built up by Dr. Lakhchakov and prepared to receive them. Implants are the best and most permanent way to replace missing teeth and restore your beautiful smile.

General Dentistry

When you have common dental problems and need dental care, you can be treated for it at the NY Gentle Dental Care office. We treat Toothaches and Tooth Decay with various types of Fillings, Root Canals, Crowns and Caps. Extractions can also be made when necessary.

Family Dentistry

Children are also able to receive treatment at the NY Gentle Dental Care center. Every family member is welcome and treated here. We are glad to offer Pediatric Dentistry for all ages, as well as a Preventive Program to help ensure the long-term care of your children’s teeth and gums. To help protect their teeth, we offer Fluoride Treatments and Sealants to keep their teeth strong and better able to resist tooth decay. We also help your child to understand and develop a regular program of oral care.

Cosmetic Dentistry

When you want your teeth to look beautiful again, you can get many cosmetic dental treatments at the NY Gentle Dental Care office to get that beautiful smile you want. Many services are offered to help your teeth look their best, including Teeth Whitening, Bonding, Ceramic Crowns, Veneers, and more. When teeth are missing, we can replace them with Dental Implants and Removable and Fixed Bridges.

If you need your teeth straightened, we are glad to offer the Invisalign product. This invisible method of straightening teeth is popular among teens and adults of all ages because it is invisible.

Periodontal Therapy

If you have gum disease, whether mild or the more serious periodontitis, you can be treated for it by Dr. Lakhchakov. Treatments can be conducted to remove bad breath, eliminate gum infections, and to restore receding gums and bone loss.

Special Problems

When you have other problems related to the jaw or mouth, you can also be examined and diagnosed at NY Gentle Dental Care. TMJ Problems and Malocclusion can be treated at our center. We can also provide Crown Lengthening services to give you a more natural look.

If there is a dental emergency due to Traumatic Injuries, we are also able to treat them as needed.

Dr. Rafael Lakhchakov’s office is located in the Richmond Hill area of Queens, NY. Most dental insurance plans are accepted, but you may want to call ahead to be sure. For more information or to set up an appointment, just call his office at (718) 262-0720.