There are many things that can cause you to have a dental emergency. It could be something as simple as a slip and fall, or it could be a sports injury, a blow to the mouth, or an auto accident. In many cases when you suffer traumatic injuries to the mouth and teeth, you will need to see a dentist as fast as possible.

A Knocked Out Tooth

When a tooth is knocked out by traumatic injuries, you want to pick it up and bring it with you to the dentist office. Avoid picking it up by the roots. If it is dirty, gently rinse it in clean water, but do not clean it with a cloth.

If possible, you want to gently try and replace it in the socket, but do not force it. Be careful to ensure that it is in the right way. If that does not work, then the tooth may be held between the cheek and the gums. Do not do this if the patient is a young child who might swallow it. You can also put the tooth into a cup with saliva, milk, or water.

With a knocked out tooth, it is very important to get to a dentist within an hour. If it takes longer than that, the tooth may likely be lost.

When a child loses a baby tooth, it will probably not be replanted. Doing so could damage the permanent teeth.

A Chipped Tooth

In this event, it is similar to a knocked out tooth. You want to try and get the chips from the tooth so that they can possibly be reattached. You will need to try and get to a dentist in about an hour at the most. If the chip cannot be reattached, the dentist can repair the tooth with bonding material.

When a permanent tooth in a child has been damaged, treatment is needed from the dentist. The dentist needs to ensure that the trauma has not damaged the blood supply or the nerve – which could prevent further growth of the tooth.

Cracked Teeth

When a tooth is cracked or broken, the treatment will depend on how far into the tooth the crack goes. If it does not extend into the root, a crown will likely be needed. If it does extend into the root, a root canal will probably be given.

Dislodged Teeth

When a tooth is pulled sideways or vertically into the gums, or pulled outward but not fully removed, the tooth will likely be put in place and a root canal performed. The tooth will also be stabilized.

Preventing Dental Injuries

While not all injuries can be prevented, many of them can. This is especially true in sports. People active in sports should wear mouth guards and helmets especially in rough sports or where objects (hard balls or hockey pucks, etc.) could hit them in the face. This protective gear can save many teeth – and jaws, too.

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