When you want to look your best, it is very important that you have really white teeth. White teeth will make you stand out and give you a great natural smile. Getting teeth whitening at the dentist’s office is certainly the best and fastest way to get the really white teeth you want.

Whitening Your Teeth from the Store

There are now many ways to get white teeth from the store. Many kits are available, and you can use them to get whiter teeth. Some toothpastes will also whiten your teeth, but it is not a fast process. While these other methods will give you whiter teeth, at most you will only get one or two shades whiter, and it could take as long as two weeks to get that kind of results. So, if you need white teeth fast, say, for a date or for a job interview, you may not be able to wait that long.

Why the Dentist Can Do a Better Job

When you get teeth whitening at the dentist’s office, you will discover that much stronger chemicals are used there than what you can get at the store. This enables the dentist to be able to get your teeth whiter and much faster than you can do yourself.

Because of the stronger chemicals that are used, the dentist supervises the process. Special coatings are also used to protect the gums during the whitening process. Depending on the color of your teeth, you may need more than one treatment to get the white teeth you want.

Limits to Whiter Teeth

While everyone would love to have really white teeth, there are limits to what can be done. Depending on the color of your teeth, some colors are more difficult to change. Gray teeth, for instance, are the most difficult. This color often comes from having taken tetracycline as a child, and it is difficult to whiten.

Sometimes the color of a filling will show through a tooth, and this cannot be changed. When that is the case, about the only way to change it is to get veneers or a crown. A veneer is able to cover up many dental problems.

Get Take Home Trays

You can also get take-home trays from the dentist to whiten your teeth. The dentist can have special trays made just for your teeth and will give you stronger chemicals than what you can get from the store.

Everyone around you will notice when your teeth are really white. If your teeth are yellowed from age or stained, you will look older. You will also tend to try and hide them – making your smile a little odd. When you have whiter teeth, it can make you look younger and it will help to restore your self-confidence.

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