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Restoring teeth to a usable and aesthetic appearance is often done with dental crowns. These caps on teeth often look natural and enable teeth to be restored that otherwise may need to be extracted. Placing crowns on teeth is a very common practice used by a dental crowns dentist Ozone Park to repair teeth and enable them to last much longer.

When Crowns Are Often Used

Crowns have a wide range of uses. A dentist may use them to strengthen a tooth that is weak, broken, has a large cavity that is too big for a filling, or to prevent a cracked tooth from cracking any further. They can also be used to support dental bridges or top a dental implant. A crown can also be used to reshape a tooth that is misshapen or discolored.

Preparing the Tooth for a Dental Crown

When you come into the dentist’s office for a crown, the dental crowns dentist Ozone Park will first numb the area with an anesthetic. Then the tooth will be prepared by removing some of the enamel. It will be removed on all sides so that a crown can be fit on top of it and cemented in place later.

Making the Crown 

An impression will then be made of the tooth. This may be done with putty, a paste, or with a digital scanner. If there is a physical mold of the tooth, it will need to be sent to a lab so that the crown can be made there. A digital scan is simply sent electronically to the lab. It will take about a week to get the crown back from the lab, and then a second appointment will be made to have it put on.

Some dental offices have a milling machine that can produce dental crowns on the spot. The digital scan is simply sent to the computer and made immediately. These crowns are usually made of zirconium, which is white and very hard. Because they are uniform in color, they are excellent for back teeth where a lot of pressure is going to be exerted on them. This type of permanent crown can be added before you leave the office.

Types of Dental Crowns

When a crown is made at a lab, there are several types of crowns you can choose from. Each type has its own benefits.

  • Metal crowns– This type of crown is the strongest and they are highly durable. They can be made of gold, platinum, or various alloys.
  • All-ceramic– This type looks more natural than any other type. They are strong, but they will also chip or crack.
  • Porcelain-fused-to-metal– This type has a metal base that makes it stronger. They look very normal, but if your gums recede, the metal band on the bottom may become visible.
  • All-resin– These crowns are less expensive but they are not as durable. They also have the advantage that they can be easily repaired.

Getting your teeth repaired and looking great again can be done at NY Gentle Dental Care offices in Queens. Our friendly dental crowns dentist Ozone Park can help you get the crowns you need for a great smile.


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