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Keeping your teeth healthy for the long run requires that every now and then you will need to see a teeth cleaning dentist 11416. Regular teeth brushing and flossing may not be enough to ensure that your teeth are as healthy as they could be.

Why Do Teeth Need to Be Cleaned Professionally?

Brushing your teeth and even flossing does not remove every piece of food or bacteria that can cause tooth decay. Decay can be started by a lack of cleaning, and this can sooner or later lead to gum disease, which can lead to more serious gum problems and tooth loss over time.

Clean Teeth Results in Better Overall Health

Dentists and doctors have recently discovered that infections in the gums can lead to much more serious consequences. This means that taking care of your teeth is one way to ensure better health. Several health problems that are believed to be connected to infections in the gums include stroke, dementia, heart disease, and complications from diabetes.

Another problem is that when pregnant women have gum problems that it can lead to premature births. When there is periodontal disease present in a woman who is carrying a child, there is a seven times greater likelihood that the baby will be born prematurely.

Stop Gum Disease Early

By having routine teeth cleaning, a dentist can spot problems that indicate that gum disease (gingivitis) is present. A teeth cleaning dentist 11416 can help you get rid of it before it becomes more serious – periodontitis. Unfortunately, once gum disease starts, it is not so easy to eliminate it. Regular treatments are needed – and more often. Once you have it, you may be able to prevent it from getting worse, but it is difficult to get rid of it completely.

As your dentist cleans your teeth, he or she can tell you where there are spots you seem to be missing when you brush your teeth. This can help you target areas that may have an excess buildup of plaque that can lead to decay. In order to prevent tooth decay and gum disease, dentists typically recommend that you get teeth cleaning every six months.

Things You May Notice After Teeth Cleaning

The first thing you might notice is that your gums may bleed as a result of the cleaning. This indicates that they are not healthy, because healthy gums will not bleed. It could mean that you need to brush your teeth more often, get a better toothbrush, or floss more.

Treatments for Gum Disease

If you have a gum disease, the dentist will tell you what is necessary for treatment. Gingivitis can be treated easily, but periodontitis will definitely require more. With periodontitis, you will be told what stage you are at currently, and the dentist will inform you of what treatment options you have, including the possibility of surgery.

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Root Canal Dentist 11416

Best Root Canal Dentist 11416

When you need to have a root canal, you want to have it done right the first time. As you may know, some root canals have to be redone. Although it may be unavoidable in some cases, you want to find root canal dentist 11416 in your area so that you are sure it is done correctly.

The Cost of Root Canals

Root canals are costly, but oftentimes necessary if your natural tooth is going to be saved. It also costs you in the matter of time, because you will need to spend some time in a dentist’s chair, and you will likely have to take off from work to have it done. Having to take more time off of work should not be necessary.

Further time may be needed if you are going to have other restoration work performed. If not done correctly, it may also lead to further infection, which means you must have the work done over.

The Purpose of a Root Canal

A root canal is not just something that a dentist decides to give you when some other form of treatment will get the job done – and give you the relief you need from pain. Teeth can become infected on the inside when they become cracked or develop a cavity. When that happens, the infected material in the tooth must be removed and the tooth then resealed in order to prevent reinfection. A root canal is done to preserve the tooth and to remove the infection, and hopefully, to prevent reinfection.

The Success of Root Canals

Root canals can have problems in the future if they are not done correctly. Part of the problem is that the type of repair largely determines the durability of it. Research has shown that replacing the crown provides the longest chance of success. Other options, including fillings of amalgam or composites, are not as durable and often will only last between three to five years.

Increase Durability by Having It Done Right

In order to ensure that your root canal will most likely be a success, you will need to find root canal dentist 11416 in your area. This is not necessarily going to be one that has a sign saying that they are the best. Instead, you want to look for one that has been doing root canals for years and who has a lot of satisfied customers.

Symptoms You Need a Root Canal

When you go into a dentist’s office because of pain, an x-ray of your teeth will be taken. This x-ray will reveal whether or not the roots of your teeth have become infected, and whether or not the surrounding area is infected. This infection will cause you to have:

  • A lot of pain in your teeth when pressure is applied
  • Sensitivity to hot or cold, with lingering pain
  • Possible one or more pimples on your gums in the area of the pain.

In addition to having performed many root canal procedures, you also want to find an office that frequently updates its equipment. This will help to ensure that you get the best treatment possible with the best equipment by root canal dentist 11416.


Root Canal Dentist 11416