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Over the years, teeth can go from white to various shades of yellow or even brown. This can become rather embarrassing after a while, especially when you see others around you with white teeth. Fortunately, a teeth whitening dentist 11419 can change it for you and help you regain the white teeth you need.

Several Teeth Whitening Methods Available

A dentist may have several options when it comes to helping you get white teeth. Some of these methods are done in the office, but the dentist may also have methods you can take home and whiten your teeth there.

Whitening in the Office

This is really the best and fastest way to get bright white teeth. Because the whitening process is performed in the office, the dentist is able to use stronger materials to whiten your teeth. These chemicals are stronger than what you can buy on your own, largely because you are under supervision of a professional while in the office.

The dentist can also handle any problems that might arise while using the chemicals. Their expertise can let them use the stronger chemicals in a safe manner.

The clear advantage of having teeth whitening done at the dentist’s office is evident in the results. A dentist can enable your teeth to be up to 5 to 7 shades whiter in just one hour to 90 minutes.

Whitening at Home

A dentist is also able to provide you with teeth whitening materials you can use at home. These are special trays with chemicals that you apply to your teeth. You must do it multiple times, and it will take about two weeks to whiten your teeth 5 to 7 times whiter than they were previously.

Teeth whitening can also be done on your own. You can buy over-the-counter products, but you are apt to get faster results by going to a teeth whitening dentist 11419. Their chemicals are stronger and you will achieve results faster. You are also ensured that your teeth are better protected because some teeth whitening products can harm your teeth.

Things That Can Make Your Teeth Yellow

Some foods and drinks are notorious for making your teeth yellow. They have certain chemicals in them that can stain your teeth permanently. If the following foods are consumed in larger quantities, they are apt to stain your teeth again, even after being whitened. In fact, teeth that are freshly whitened are more susceptible to becoming re-stained quickly. Watch how much you consume of:

  • Coffee and tea
  • Tobacco
  • Colored sodas
  • Berries
  • Beets
  • Dark fruit juices
  • Red wine

Long Term White Teeth

If you avoid foods that will stain your teeth, they should be able to stay white for several years. Taking care of your new pearly whites can enable your smile to be pleasant and let you smile with greater confidence.

Find a teeth whitening dentist 11419 near you and get a consultation. Although not everyone can do teeth whitening, most people can get the white teeth they want again. In just a short while your teeth can be made brighter than they have been for many years.


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