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Best Sleep Apnea Dentist 11415

Sleep apnea affects a wide range of Americans and it can easily affect your performance through the day. If you find yourself getting unusually tired during the day, it could be caused by this sleep disorder. Getting properly tested for it could lead to solutions that enable you to sleep better at night and perform better during the day. Sleep Apnea dentist 11415 can help you and your family with any sleeping problems.

The Symptoms

The primary symptom that enables you to suspect that you might have sleep apnea is being drowsy throughout the day. This is the result of not sleeping well at night (insomnia), which could be caused by poor breathing, or even from momentary stoppage of your breathing. You may also have headaches when you wake up, and may snore loudly.

Not getting enough sleep also leads to other problems that can affect your life. This includes an inability to concentrate, being irritable, and you may suffer from depression.

Possible Causes

If you believe that your sleep problems just started recently, there may be some causes that you may be able to discover. Some of these causes may include the use of a new medication, obesity, substance abuse, the existence of a mental health disorder, or some other medical problem; make sure you have a chance to get sleep apnea testing.

The Sleep Problem

Getting enough sleep each night is important for a variety of reasons – the main one being how well you can function through the day. This becomes a potential serious hazard especially if you are a driver, or if you work around dangerous equipment. In the U.S., more than 750,000 vehicle accidents were caused by people who have been diagnosed with this problem. It is also quite possible that you might develop some serious health problems, such as high blood pressure, type 2 diabetes, stroke or heart attack, and an irregular heartbeat.

People with this disorder are often unaware that they are experiencing some of the symptoms. Since some of the problems occur in their sleep, only others around them may be aware of potential problems.

The Tests

There are two types of tests available that a sleep apnea dentist 11415 can enable you to know if you have this sleep disorder. One of the tests is conducted in a sleep lab, and the other one can be done at home. The in-lab sleep-study requires that the individual to be tested stay overnight. Many sensors are then attached which will measure many aspects of your breathing, sleep levels, eye movement, heart rate, amount of snoring, as well as your oxygen levels.

A similar test can be conducted at home. The test is not as comprehensive as the in-lab tests, but many doctors will permit it. A device will be taken home to measure the basics, and returned to the lab on the next day.


After the results of the sleep study have been obtained, a treatment plan can be recommended. This will vary with each patient, and it often involves some lifestyle changes, and possibly the use of a CPAP device.

If you live in Queens, you can learn more about sleep apnea testing from sleep apnea dentist 11415. Dr. Lakhchakov, has an office near the Jamaica Hospital. He offers on-time appointments and will be glad to schedule one for you.


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