Children often need to see a dentist, but not every dentist can work well with children. Someone who is able to relate well with children is more likely to get them to cooperate when they are in the dentist’s chair. Dentists who specialize in pediatric dentistry will enable the treatment to go faster and it will likely be a happier time for everyone involved.

Making Children Comfortable

Dentists who work with children are specially trained to be able to relate well with them. They will usually take an additional two or three years of training that enables them to specialize with children of all ages. Their training also helps them to use various tactics when working with children, as well as help in working with parents, too. They can also work with children who have special needs.

Children can tell when a dentist is interested in working with them or not. It takes special patience to make children comfortable and not every dentist can do it. Some can specialize in pediatric dentistry because they have a love for children and are comfortable being around them.

Children of All Ages

A dentist who specializes in working with children is able to work with children of all ages – even those who are in college. In fact, if they treat a patient as a child, and treatment is needed for ongoing conditions, they can keep on treating him or her because they already know their full dental history.

Specialized Training

A dentist who specializes in working with children learns about their special dental needs. They also learn how to get children to want to brush their teeth, and have special tools designed to teach children. Their dental treatment rooms are also designed to make children relax with special decorations and toys just for them.

A dentist for children can also work with children who are in hospital settings for other treatments. They have trained in hospitals and can work with hospital staff as needed when dental problems are also involved.

Treatments Provided

A dentist for children can treat any dental problem that a child will face. They can have problems with baby teeth, and as these begin to fall out and get replaced by their permanent teeth, other problems can occur. Cavities are a common problem because young children have not yet formed really good habits of keeping their teeth clean.

Other problems that a pediatric dentist can provide include:

  • Oral exams
  • Dental cleaning
  • Fluoride treatments
  • Counseling to deal with thumb sucking and use of pacifiers
  • Diagnosing oral conditions related to various health problems
  • Detecting and managing gum disease
  • Emergency dentistry
  • Assessment for teeth straightening with treatment

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