Missing teeth can be a real problem when you want to have a beautiful smile. It can make you nervous to smile widely and you are likely going to be embarrassed about it. You can get a permanent solution for it with fixed dental bridges and restore your smile and confidence.

About Fixed Bridges

A fixed bridge is one or more artificial teeth cemented together and attached to crowns on either side. It is a permanent fixture and it cannot be removed.

Two natural teeth need to be available on both ends of the bridge. The enamel is removed on these natural teeth so that a crown can be placed on top. In between these crowns, the artificial teeth are cemented to it to make it one piece.

Making the Bridge

In some cases, the dentist may have a high-tech machine in the office that can mill the bridge and crowns from a single piece of porcelain. A digital picture is taken of your mouth and this is put into a computer as a CAD/CAM drawing. The dentist can alter it as needed and then feeds it to the milling machine to make it. This procedure enables you to get a permanent fixed bridge in one appointment.

If the bridge is going to be made in a lab, as is most often the case, it will be given a metal base and the artificial teeth are made of porcelain. This gives the teeth a more natural appearance. It will take two or three appointments to complete the process.

Why Crowns Are Used

When it comes to replacing natural teeth with crowns, there is a reason for it. A crown is not going to decay, although decay may form under it. This helps to ensure that the bridge will last longer. If the natural teeth already have fillings in them, placing a crown on them will prevent the tooth from cracking or losing the filling. If that occurs, it will be necessary to replace the bridge.

When fixed dental bridges are used to replace more than one tooth, there is another reason for a crown. When teeth are missing, they will tend to drift. There is also going to be some bone loss. Cementing them together prevents this process. In fact, sometimes teeth next to the bridge may also be cemented to it to prevent them from moving.

Dental Implants

If there are several missing teeth, a dental implant may be recommended to provide additional support. This will increase the strength of the bridge, making it even more rigid. Dental implants may also be used to support a partial or a full denture. When this is done, they are as stable as your natural teeth, and you can eat anything and talk without problems.

If you have missing teeth and are interested in getting fixed dental bridges to replace them, Dr. Rafael Lakhchakov can provide you with the treatments you need in his Richmond Hill office in Queens, NY. He can also help you get crowns, veneers, and other cosmetic dentistry services to restore your great smile. In order to get a consultation or more information, just call his office at (718) 262-0720.