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Keeping your teeth clean is an excellent way to keep them looking good. Unfortunately, even with the best of care, cavities are going to form in your and your children’s teeth sooner or later. In order to keep them looking their best, you will occasionally need the help of a dental cavities dentist Richmond Hill.

How Cavities Form

Cavities develop slowly as a result of acid. The acid typically comes from bacteria that are normally found in your mouth. The bacteria produce acid whenever you eat sugar or carbs. When you leave the bacteria on your teeth for long periods, it allows more acid to be produced.

The acid slowly erodes the enamel, eventually leaving pits and holes in it. Since your tooth enamel does not grow, the hole will only get bigger and deeper. This eventually leads to sensitive teeth and cavities. If left alone long enough and not repaired, the cavity will cause the tooth to be extracted.

Getting the Cavity Repaired

The dental cavities dentist Richmond Hill can repair the tooth and eliminate the cavity. After removing the decay and disinfecting it, the dentist will fill the hole with a dental filling.

Various materials can be used to fill the hole. They include gold and other precious metals, mercury amalgam, and tooth-colored filling. Precious metal fillings need to be made in a lab, but mercury amalgam fillings are made when needed and are still very common because of their lower cost.

Tooth-colored fillings are most commonly used in small to medium-sized holes because it is a softer material and not as durable as other types. The advantage is that they are nearly invisible because they match the color of the tooth.

Replacing Teeth

If an extraction is necessary because the cavity is too extensive, the tooth should be replaced as soon as possible. This is because your teeth may shift toward the gap, causing them to become misaligned. The tooth can be replaced with a dental bridge, a partial denture, or a dental implant.

The best way to save money on dental work is to get a cavity fixed when it first appears. The dentist can easily spot them in the early stages when you make regular dental visits – about every six months. Replacing a tooth is expensive no matter which method is used.

Tips to Reduce Cavities

By following various tips and developing good dental habits, you can reduce the number of cavities that you or your children develop. The first thing you need to do is to brush your teeth twice a day for about two minutes each time, and floss once daily. It is also important to reduce your sugar intake and rinse your mouth out with water after consuming sugary foods and drinks.

When you have cavities that need filling, you can find a dental cavities dentist Richmond Hill at NY Gentle Dental Care. Our friendly dentists provide many dental services for the whole family and we offer preventive dentistry. Contact our office today for more information or to make an appointment.


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