The next time you have a cavity, you may want to get a filling that matches the color of your teeth. This way it looks like your natural tooth and it is practically invisible. No one needs to know that you have it, which is why so many people are getting them today. Composite fillings are one option that you have for fillings the next time you go to the dentist.

Traditional Fillings

For many years, fillings have been made of various metals. You could choose to have a filling made of gold, silver, or mercury. Of course, they are not pure metals but are often mixed with other metals such as tin, zinc, copper, and silver. When put in place as a filling, they harden quickly and last for many years.

This metallic-type of filling can be spotted very easily by others around you. For years, there were no other options. Now you can get fillings that match the color of your natural teeth.

What a Composite Resin Is Made of

Composite resins are made of a plastic that is tooth-colored and it is mixed with glass. This mixture gives it durability and strength. It is not quite as durable as the metal-based fillings.

A composite filling can be used in small to medium-sized cavities. It can handle a moderate amount of pressure.

The same material is used to repair teeth when they are chipped or broken. It is also used for low-cost veneers to hide dental problems and give you a bright white smile. As a veneer, the material is applied to the front teeth and can hide spaces, discolorations, cracks, and other problems.

Advantages of Composites

Composite fillings provide several advantages when compared to other materials. They include:

  • A Better Look – Because they match the color of your teeth, they give you a better, whiter smile.
  • A Better Bond – Unlike other filling materials, a filling made out of composite material will actually bond to your tooth. This helps to strengthen the tooth.
  • A Better Salvage – Other types of fillings require that more of your tooth material be removed. Composite materials do not need as much room to work, which saves more of your tooth.

The Process

It will take the dentist longer to give you a filling made of composite material. Like a regular filling, the decayed portion of the tooth must first be removed. The composite material will then be applied layer by layer. With each layer, a special light will be used to harden it in place. When complete, the surface layer is then shaped and hardened.

Composites are not recommended for all teeth. You will need to discuss the options with the dentist. Also, dental insurance plans do not always cover fillings made from composites.

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